Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tail Wind, horse photo.

Tail Wind is the last photo in this set.

We went to a tool sale yesterday and these are a few of the photos we took along the way.
Near Cascade, Mt is St Peter's Mission, or what's left of it. This rock wall was at one time part of the girl's school, built by the Catholic Church to educate Blackfoot children. Late 1800's. You can read about this mission and an exciting lady if you google Stagecoach Mary, Cascade, Mt.

I especially loved the way this broken wall mimicked the shape of the hills in the background.

We went looking for wagons to haul our art work in to shows, and found this turkey! He was so pretty when he fluffed out his feathers.

Easy to see what this is! A Tail Wind! This horse was standing with his rear to the wind and I like the way his tail blew around.

You'll see these photos and more on my photo site. There are photos for artist's reference or simply for your enjoyment.

Donna Ridgway