Monday, April 07, 2008

More Montana photos.

A true harbinger of spring. When I was ranching, I loved grabbing one of these little guys to listen to them bawl lustily for their mom. They're very strong, you have your hands full when you get hold of'd better be determined when you make the attempt.

Of course, when they beller, their mom is breathing snot down your neck. So you tag them and vaccinate them as fast as you can. One of my happy memories of spring....

We saw eagles circling and circling in the sky over a ridge. We stopped to see if we could tell what they were such luck. But while we sat there, this eagle got curious about us! He swooped down low and craned his neck toward us. This connection to a wild creature will stay with me for a long time, for as I looked up at him through my lens, he was looking down at me. This is why I'm so in love with my camera. Not only am I able to go out searching for these rare and unbelievable moments, but I can share them, and through my photos, you can put yourself in my place.... Now this eagle is looking down at you!

After the eagle looked us over, he soared away...his curiosity satisfied. He was so close, I was able to see his feet all tucked up under his belly.

Here are two versions of the same horse on a hill. This one far away and the lower one, a close up. I loved the rough pattern of the brush, the figure of the horse, then the blank slate of the sky.

In this photo, I concentrated more on the horse, the snow and the sky. I might crop the brush out and leave a blank surface before and after the horse. Those are decisions I can make as I go along.

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Donna and Robert Ridgway