Friday, April 18, 2008

"Lip Hanger" painting with horse who's lip is hanging.

When I was a kid, my horse Lucky would take a nap. I'd see him out there in the field with his lip hanging. I'd sneak up on him and take a little pebble and stick it in his bottom lip.

He'd wake up with a snort and flap his bottom lip until the pebble came out. I'd laugh like a fool.

Last night, we sat here watching tv and Robert fell asleep in his chair. I decided since he wasn't talking to me for a bit, I'd go get my colored pencils and take part in the drawing challenge on the EAG forum. I went out to the studio, picked up a piece of canson paper, and grabbed a handful of pencils, without choosing my colors.

Back in the house, I sat down in my chair and began to draw this image posted by Sheri Gordon for the drawing event this week.

I was hurrying to see how much I'd get done in the allotted two hours.

The room was dark, I just had the glow of the tv screen and the computer screen to work by. Didn't want to turn on a light and wake Robert up.

Thinking I had grabbed a light grey to blend with, I went over a huge portion of the shaded side of this image..... I chose silver instead! I could see it glowing when I changed the position of the painting. How funny. A silver horse.

I tried going over the silver, and ended up with a kind of "resist" look to the whole thing.

Spent one hour on it and quit.

Seeing it in the daylight today, and hearing what the other artists commented, I might try to finish this and see what happens with it. There's also a fly on the horse's nose, which I didn't fully develop....If I work on this some more, and it turns out anywhere near decent, I'll post it later.

Kind of funny to work on a painting in the dark and not see what it looks like until morning.
Donna Ridgway

I have reference photos for artist's use on my photo site. And more horse art on my website.