Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cow Pictures

Yesterday, we decided to go get wood from the junk pile at the local feedlot. Since the pickup wasn't running right, Robert decided to change the fuel filter before we left. As he was laying under the pickup, Daisy came along and untied his shoes. At one point, she had the shoe laces in her mouth and his foot about two feet up in the air. Of course by that time, Robert was laughing so hard, it wasn't easy to change the fuel filter.

Daisy is one of our donkeys, if you aren't familiar with all our stories. She's more fun than a lot of pets, as she seems to spend a lot of her time "thinking". Mostly thinking of mischief!

By the time the filter was changed, we had decided we should take the car and pull the horse trailer-getting two loads of wood instead of one. We weren't sure the pickup would run right, it might be the fuel pump is going out. This way, we could pull it home if need be.

So here we are, with the truck and the car and trailer, and plans for getting two loads of wood. Robert loaded the pickup, and I loaded the horse trailer. The trailer is 16 foot long. I had it in my mind to load it before he got done with the pickup, so he wouldn't have to do extra. I don't know how I did it, the boards are one inch, about half of them were all ready broken into 2 foot pieces, I felt like a "wood chuck"! But I did get the job done and the trailer loaded by the time Robert was done with the pickup. It's a good solid load of wood!

Some of it will go to barn wood picture framing and the rest of it is firewood. That wood pile is a treasure trove to us, we also pulled out some good almost new fence posts.

Once the wood is loaded, it's time to take photos of the cattle-the real reason I'm so happy to agree to go to the wood pile...So that is where the photos at the beginning of this post came from.

Here are some more cows:

This last one made me laugh, you'd swear he's talking to you.

Huge, low flying storm clouds hovered over us all day long, you can see their grey color behind these cows. They made a perfect backdrop against the warm colors of the cattle.

There'll be cow reference photos for artist's to use on my photo site as soon as I get them uploaded. Hopefully by the end of today.
Donna Ridgway