Monday, November 13, 2006

WIP 4th installment, thoroughbred horse. Retired race horse.

Now, I like it for sure. I added a blue shadow under the mane, brought out the light places on her face and generally reworked the body. She looks kind of alive and glowing like Class really does look. She's a gorgeous horse.

I might make several more paintings of her, as I'm working toward a show the Equine Art Guild is having featuring the artist's own horses, or horses that influenced their lives. There are other horses that have been very important to me so I'll have to do paintings of them also.

One horse I loved for 22 years was my first horse, Lucky. I was 8 years old and so was he when my Grandpa bought him for me. He was a cowpony. I'd sneak out my bedroom window at night and sleep on his back so I could spend a lot of time with him. I've been thinking of him a lot since the idea for this guild show has come up. I don't have many pictures of him, I'll have to see if my mom has some.

So, this painting of Class is finished. No more updates, I promise!