Thursday, November 23, 2006

Walmart experience.

My Robert is supposed to do a lot of walking to get well, he's recuperating from back fusion. So we went out last night and got a tread mill at walmart as the weather is supposed to get really bad here pretty quick. We got the tread mill home and there were some parts missing when we went to put it together. I called Walmart and they said come in tomorrow and get the parts, we'll take them off another machine.

So Robert sat in the truck while I went in this morning. I found this guy in sporting goods, he said he'd help me but he had to talk to management about taking parts off another machine. I said that's ok, you talk to them but my position on this is: I was going to buy a second hand treadmill from an ad in the paper but I thought I should get a new one to be sure it worked good and had warranty. I decided from all the stores in Great Falls to come to walmart for this treadmill, get it home and we can't use it because parts are missing. I said we held up our end of this business deal when we paid cash for your treadmill, now I expect you to hold up your end and deliver a tread mill that works.

He said ok, he came back in a bit with the arm that was missing off the treadmill. I got part way out to the truck and I got to thinking how there were some wheels on the end of those arms and they were also missing. So when I got to the truck, I asked Robert if he'd noticed those wheels missing. He said yes, you'd better go back and get them too.

So back to walmart I go. I found the same person, I said could I trouble you once more? There are also wheels missing from the treadmill we bought, I just asked Robert about it and he said they aren't in the box. The guy goes over to the treadmill he'd taken the arm from, gets the box off the bottom shelf and out onto the floor. He takes the lid from the box, he grunts and groans like it's killing him to turn that treadmill over. (I thought, what's wrong with him as I had carried the entire treadmill in out of the truck the night before and I had no trouble with it at all. It wasn't that heavy.) Suddenly the guy grabs the entire treadmill and sends it skidding down the isle. It made the hugest noise you ever heard and parts went flying out of the thing all over the aisle.

I was so shocked and half scared, I was just shaking inside. I pretended he hadn't done what he did and I said See that little box right there? We didn't have that in our treadmill so I think those are the wheels. He reached down, grabbed that box, slit it open with his knife and he was just fuming with anger, he said between closed teeth, is this what you are looking for? I said yes, and I grabbed the box and headed out of the store. About that time, a lady who works in walmart came around the corner and looked at that treadmill all over the floor and she had such a shocked look on her face. I turned back and got a look at the guys name tag and I reported him this evening to the manager of the store.

I was actually scared out of my wits when he did that. I hope he never does it to anyone else, what if a little kid had come around the corner in that aisle right then?

I still almost can't believe it when I think what that guy did to that treadmill. I kept thinking, if I don't report this, he'll try to sell it to someone and they'll pay good money for it and it's all broken inside.

So that was how my day in walmart went! I think the holiday crowds are all ready getting to the wally world workers.