Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sage Runner, ACEO Oil Painting, Horse picture

This is a little Sage Runner. It was actually my horse Class. We turned her out in a pasture after having her with us on our two acres all summer. Boy did she run. She was having the time of her life. Two acres isn't much room for a thoroughbred so we take her to the mountains in winter and fall when feed gets short. It gives us a chance to love her up but lets her spend some free time also.

Robert is doing better after having his back fused. He still has a hard time regulating his body temp and he's either hot or cold, he's gettting bored from having to sit around so much. He's used to being outside working. But that's a good sign that he's feeling better. He can get tired from walking a block. Back fusions are not easy surgeries and he had an awful one. I think we're lucky we had Dr Schaeffer and Dr Dube doing the work. They're excellent doctors.

My next painting is a belgian draft horse and she's all mane and tail. I'm working on those long tangled strands of hair and trying to make her look cute under it all.
Painting Sold