Thursday, November 30, 2006

One rocking horse, coming up. WIP

I'm working on a rocking horse. This is my beginning drawing. I'll do a lot of work on this. It was supposed to be half rearing but that didn't happen. So.... if you can see where there are two parts of the horse that didn't line up, you can see where I cut the horse in half.

I've now put him where I want him to be and I'll trace over this with tracing paper and put his belly and back together again.

I wish I had taken time to scan all the weird things that happened to this horse and his base as it progressed because there were some strange things happening. This is the final sketch and you can see, this is the point at which he became a rocking horse. As I went along, I refined the drawing of the horse, and the base came to life as twisted twining branches of some kind.

I've transfered my drawing to 140 pound hot press Arches watercolor paper. This paper is really thin and kind of slick. I like dragging colors around on it. I let the Alizarin Crimson on the outside of the horse look very rough at this point because I'm going to add layers of colors until the background looks black. It might take 20 layers of color to do this. You have to be very patient as one layer has to dry completely before you can glaze another color over it. I'm using transparent watercolors only at this stage. Doesn't look like much yet, and I'm wondering how it will turn out.

I'm seeing the branches of the base with tribal carvings on them but I don't know what they'll be when the time comes. I'll post more when I get some more done to this.