Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rocking Horse, wip

It's got the uglies that's for sure! This is a layer of sap green over the AC. I'm going to keep going back and forth between these two colors until they get really dark. I like thin watery glazes. It seems each one shows through the others and you get so many layers and mysterious happenings inside your painting. It all has something to do with the way light bounces off some colors and absorbs into others. I don't get very technical about this stuff.

If I had liquid mask, I'd mask off the horse and branches and this painting would go a lot faster. As I don't have any, I'll be careful as I go around the horse each time. If I mess up one time and get these staining colors on the horse or branches, it's ruined. Or if I want to save it at all costs, I'll use acyrilics on it at the end. I'd rather not.

My paper is thin, so it's buckling up. I just let it. Some people stretch the paper to hold it flat. I don't care what it does, I'll iron it when I'm finished and try to make it flat again. As I layer on the colors, I work with the curls.