Wednesday, March 22, 2006

15 minute sketch.
I can't draw anything from my memory with a pencil. I guess the Good Lord made me to use a paint brush and that's it! Some artists can draw the most wonderful looking horses with a pencil in about two seconds. That isn't me! I can draw something when I have a brush in my hand. I did this without looking at any horse, anywhere. It has it's flaws. If I was going to turn this into a horse in a painting, I'd work on it a little longer but this was like a 15 minute challenge.

We spent most of the day hooking up a new phone line so we could both be on the internet at the same time. Robert looks up information about 56 Buicks, Old Mack trucks and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I can't think about anything but horses. We enjoy each other's hobbies anyway. He's always calling me into his studio to look at a truck that someone painted. Last night he found a 54 Chevy pickup. It was painted green on top and pink on the bottom. It was really cute.

My dad taught me drive in a truck like that. You ground the starter on the floor. Dad took me out into the pasture and found a steep hill. He made me start and stop the pickup on the hill until I had control of it. When I taught my daughter to drive a stick shift, I did the same thing to her. :)