Sunday, August 03, 2008

Brushing the donkey's teeth.

Went in to the dentist the other day to get our teeth cleaned. You know the drill. While they have you tipped upside down in this chair, with their two hands and about four instruments in your mouth, they start to tell you their life's history or if you're lucky, you get one who tells you jokes and crazy stories.

Either way, it isn't easy for here's this person who's hands are in your mouth, scratching away on your teeth, and she's talking away. Common courtesy tells you not to ignore them, right? So you try to answer them, and you end up spitting all over them...what do you do?

They say in a bad situation to try to come away with something constructive. So what I learned from the dental hygenist is how important it is to have clean teeth. Same message they all have, so what?

Well my fertile brain took a big leap from my own (now very clean teeth) to how dirty Daisy's teeth are! Now I wouldn't try this on Pedro, he's dignified. He'd immediately take one look at that toothbrush and say "Ain't no way, Jose!"

Not Daisy, she's such a dork, she'll try anything once! So I proceeded to brush her teeth.... Salt and soda, like they did it in the old days.

Daisy was such a willing participant! And notice how Pedro snuck up there, a little bit at a time so he could watch...

A donkey can be more fun than a whole barrel of monkeys. :)