Thursday, August 07, 2008

Barker, Hughesville to Geyser, MT, high pass, mountain road.

We decided to go to Monarch, Mt, and head across country to see where we'd come out. This road is in the Little Belt mountains. When you leave Hughesville, you climb a pass, and come down the other side, this is where we came down the mountain.

I don't think this road is traveled much any longer, but it is still open. At one point, about a quarter mile down the hill, we turned around on this road, and drove down to an old mine shaft to see what it looked like. I got out of the car, I wouldn't ride...I was to chicken. Robert is used to wrapping log trucks pulling pups around roads like this, so it was a breeze to him to drive a car on it. He thought it was a wide road.

I don't think I took a breath until we were in lower country...

My next post will be the remains of the old mining town, Barker, or Hughesville, I'm not certain which is which.