Thursday, August 07, 2008

Barker, Hughesville ,MT, Ghost town, mine.

Inside a building, under a beam, this mushroom was growing upside down! Believe it or not!
These buildings sit at the top of a tailings pile. I don't know what they would have been used for in the old time mining days.

Ha! Ha! just because these buildings were all ready tumbling down, I had to play with the horizon line to add to the tumbledown effect.
There isn't much left of the inside of these buildings. I just hate to see them disappearing like they are. But it would cost a fortune to repair and restore them. I'm glad to have these photos to preserve my memory of them, and hope you enjoy the chance to see them also.
Here it is straightened up!
The moment before we drove away from this place, I glanced up into a ruined house and saw this face. It was the spirit of this place, screaming in agony over the passage of time, the ruination of what had been constructed here, the memories of people who spent their lives struggling for riches and living in poverty, the rape of the mountainside.....

Travel to places like this if you will, you'll come away with a new outlook on the life you live today.
Donna Ridgway