Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Perfect Man

Every other year or so, I make a man.

This man, didn't want to seem to come together, and when I was complaining about the fact to Robert, he said, "Well, it's hard to make the perfect man."

So this year, I call my "man", the "perfect man!". Isn't he gorgeous?

I found his bobcat in the dump and had to save it for some unknown (at the time) purpose. Now I can see where the perfect man, needed the perfect bobcat, right?

The face on this man is an old latex Halloween mask and it's quite gruesome. It's seen so many years outside in the weather, that it was falling apart. Once again Robert came to the rescue, he said why don't you just take a tube of caulk, and rebuild it? So I did. I spent one entire day, just building the face of this man. I painted it, and remodeled it and it worked!

For now, my man is out in the front driveway. Pretty soon I'll bring him around to the back yard, and put him where my neighbor's dogs can see him. They bark constantly when my man is out where they see him. They're German Shepards, who never stop barking anyway, so I figure they might as well have something to bark at! My men always drive them crazy.

After they get used to him, I'll position him in various places around the yard, change his clothing, and give him some new occupations. I love watching people on the highway when they first see my man out by the road.

I might put this man in the pickup and drive to Great Falls. I'll sit close to Robert and we'll position the man by the passenger door, looking sideways out the window. I can't wait...