Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming down the reef above Swift Dam, near Dupuyer, Montana

Foothills, West of Dupuyer, Montana.

A hill and the road we were following, north of Swift Dam. You can see the trail wasn't much at this point.
After we came down the mountain, we drove across some open prairies and foothills. In the thickets, bear sign was obvious. The service berries were ripe, the choke cherries were coming on and the bears were after them. You could see indentations at the base of trees where the bears had sat their little fat butts to eat berries. I hoped to get a photo of a bear this trip, but it didn't happen.
We did see this nice herd of paint horses, roaming free on the prairie.

This part of the trail was simple and enjoyable, no hair raising adventures. Little did we know, the steepest part of the trail was coming up.

While Robert and Mary were discussing which way we should go next, I took their picture.

We thought we'd lost the trail completely until we looked across this wind swept rock. The trail was faint beyond this point, barely traveled, but it was still a trail.

This is the bottom of the hill we came down, the top part was so steep, your four wheeler broke loose and skidded across gravel covered rock in some places. I wished for brakes on my motorcycle several times before I got to the bottom! If the Suzuki bikes we're riding didn't have so many gears, I wouldn't have dared to take this trail. I'd have been the one begging to turn back!

Even at this point, we're high above Swift Dam, and looking down country, you can see we have a ways to go before we're at house level again. Scoffin Butte is in the far distance.

Blogger doesn't seem to like long posts with lots of photos, so I'm going to continue this in another post.

Donna Ridgway

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