Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why do you come to this blog?

The other day, we decided to go out to lunch, to celebrate the sale of King Carousel. We like to go down the road to a place called Mary's Midway. It's a little pub with a great restaurant attached, and they have a huge platter of Nacho Supreme's for about $7.00. You just can't get a better meal at that price for two people!

As we sat waiting for our food to arrive, a logging truck pulled up in the parking lot and two people got out, a man and his wife. I told Robert, "Oh Look! Someone who will talk to us!" We were so excited.

The couple came in, and ordered, then the husband walked by us. Robert isn't afraid to begin a conversation with people, so he asked the guy, "How do you like those old Fruehoff trip stakes?" Of course the guy started talking and they had quite a conversation. Since I was sitting there feeling kind of left out, I walked over to the lady and started talking to her.

Ends up they were from Lincoln, Mt and they were putting on a car show on the next Sunday, they invited us to attend.

Since we were at loose ends on Sunday, we went to the car show. The man-Stu, saw us when we arrived, and came and shook hands with Robert and acted so happy we were there. He was talking to another friend of his, and he told that friend, "Christa and I pulled into Midway Mary's and I told her, good, there are no loggers in there today, we won't have to talk logging!" (He could tell that from the vehicles in the parking lot, you can always spot a logger's pickup or truck)

He continued, "I no sooner got inside than this old codger grabbed me and asked me how I liked using the old trip stakes and I ended up talking logging!" Stu thought it was hilarious he'd hoped to avoid loggers, and ended up running into one he enjoyed...

Now that I've told that little story, I'm going to switch gears.

When I go to someone's blog, I go for different reasons. I go to James Gurney's blog
to learn about art. He's better than college! He offers lessons in art that are vital to an artist and he offers his knowledge for no cost. What he gives freely, is astounding.

I go to Maggie's blog to learn, and to be entertained. I also love seeing her new paintings, drawings and writings.

There are blogs I visit to learn SEO techniques, blogs about blogging, and blogs about camping and dutch oven cooking. Blogs are entertaining!

This has also lead me to wonder what I want to accomplish with my blog. First off, I hope I entertain you. I hope it's not a boring experience to come here. Let me know if I fail.

Another purpose of this blog, is to let people know what I do. I create and sell paintings and photos of animals and Montana.

This blog also serves the purpose of keeping my website in the limelight so to speak, where google is concerned. This is a kind of hidden purpose of the blog for you'll find a lot of links pointing to my websites on this blog.

My hope is this, that you and I are not on cross purposes when it comes to the reasons you visit here. I don't want you to be disappointed when you come here, thinking you'll see one thing- and getting another. Take for instance, my example from above, where Robert and I are sitting in the pub, hoping to talk to someone in the logging industry, and Stu and Christa have come in, hoping to avoid the topic all together!

My hope is that I entertain you with my stories of Montana, the photos and paintings of animals. I also hope you remember me when you need a gift for a family member or a friend, and perhaps stop by the website to make a purchase.

If you click round the topics on this blog, you'll see links to free art lessons, horse stories, paintings of your favorite animals, tidbits about my life.

Hopefully, you're contented with what you find while you're here. I'll be interested to know.