Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Badgers and Buffalo

Traveling along the Rocky Mountain Front is full of delights. And this buffalo is one of them! Just like in the old days, you see them roaming across the Montana landscape.

These buffalo had been rubbing against the fence, leaving patches of soft wool. We gathered some just to have the feel of it. Buffalo fiber is becoming an industry, it's as soft as a cloud in your hand. Garments made from it, would feel wonderful.

If you click the image, you can see a larger version.
Last night, Robert was working on the pickup, giving it a tune up. When he finished, he came in and said, "Let's go try it out, to see if I helped it any." (He did, it ran as smooth as silk!)

So I grabbed the camera and off we went. About 6 miles from here, we have a buffalo jump state park. They're in the process of changing it's name, so I don't know what it's called now, it used to be Ulm/Pishkin State park.

On top of the ancient buffalo jump, is a prairie dog village. This badger didn't seem to know they're an endangered species, he roamed around hunting until we finally saw him choose his prairie dog and eat it.

He must have been about 300 yards away from us, but I took photos anyway, I knew he'd run if I came any closer to him, plus I'm afraid to walk through the grass up there, as there are so many rattlesnakes.

So this is a very cropped version of the photo, but still enough detail to see the badger as he hunts through the village.

Poor old prairie dogs are watching, and wondering, is he going to choose me for supper tonight?

Hope you enjoy the photos! Stay tuned for my next post of some white tail buck deer in the velvet, and a coyote....

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