Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coyote photos, old steel granary photo.

Yesterday as we were driving along, I had Robert stop so I could take photos of this old granary. After the advent of semi trailers, the old granaries aren't much needed. In the old days, they were a way of life, they stored all the farmer's hopes and dreams of continuing the life he loved.

I liked the way the fading light washed over the steel of the building and the heads of the bolts.

When I got back into the pickup, after taking this photo, I pushed the button that allows me to check my photo, I wanted to see how it turned out.

For some crazy reason, I felt eyes on me, and looked out the window....
Now remember, we're driving down the road about 30 miles an hour, when I look out the window, this is what I saw, a coyote, trying to get a good look at us, she was loping along side the pickup window!

In spite of the fact, I had just been looking at the granary photo, I sprang into action and got pictures of this coyote.
She'd run like heck away from us, then she'd stop and look at us, then she'd run again....
I loved seeing her big feet and the way her front legs came between her hind legs when she ran. Somewhere there's a photo like that also.

These photos are not clear as a bell! We were driving along and didn't dare stop, as she wasn't staying still, until the very last, when she took a final look at us, then boogied off across the stubble field.

It's the biggest rush for us, to see these animals, and be able to watch them as they go about their lives. Get this, we were maybe five miles from home as the crow flies, and we see a badger hunting prairie dogs, a coyote running along side us, a few white tail bucks in the velvet, an owl sitting on the fence, and some really awesome scenery.

I love Montana. I love to showing it off to other people, if you like the photos, leave a comment, it inspires me to go find more!