Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daisy's head in the sack and other things.

The wires going to the pump in our well burned out. It's taken us a while to decide how big a pump to put in the well, as we decided right off we'd replace the old one. Luckily, our neighbor has let us hook a hose to his system so we have water until we solve our dilemma.

Robert is out by the back porch, hooking the new pump to it's wires and hoses so we can, at last, drop it down the hole and have our own water again.

I was in here, posting on my myspace blog, while he was working. All of a sudden I hear him yelling, "Donna get out here!"

I thought something was wrong so I ran as fast as I could. But nothing was wrong, he was laughing. And Daisy was standing beside him with an empty feed sack in her mouth, trying to get her head way inside it to see if it contained a few left over pellets. She'd gone into the back porch through the open door and grabbed the sack, hoping to help herself since we're so stingy with what she wants.

It only took me a second to grab the camera and some pellets. I put the pellets into the empty sack, to see if she'd stick her head all the way in to get them.

You can see we posed this picture, but there she is, with her head all the way in the sack, I swear, she has no fear!