Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't give up on your website, or your painting!

"King Carousel"

Last week I received a letter from paypal, "You've got Money!" Wow, I love getting money. I hurried up and opened the email, to find King Carousel had sold.

It took me two hours to find the painting, I was beginning to panic, wondering where on earth I had put it! It finally turned up over in the studio. We're remodeling the studio, so I had tucked things away here and there to keep them safe.

I painted King Carousel in 2004. When I was creating this painting, I was so excited, I'd had a dream about a carousel horse, and I wanted to paint him just like he was in the dream. He attended several shows around the state of Montana...and no one bought him. I couldn't figure it out, as I thought he was so beautiful!

Because he'd been a dream horse, there were transparent passages in the painting, and thick opaques in other places. He had a very dreamlike quality about him.

In spite of liking him so much myself, I had given up on the fact he might sell.

I'd also been doubting the effectiveness of having a website. I've spent a thousand hours learning html, image optimization, copyright laws, watermarking, SEO techniques... I've spent a fortune on software, computers, printers, scanners and cameras. I wondered if I would ever have an affirmation it was all worth it!

Now I have hope. I'll keep at it....

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