Thursday, May 01, 2008

WWAO Seascapes Showcase is online!

Barbara Furlong , a member of World Wide Women Artists online, is hosting the WWAO exhibit for the month of May. She chose a theme, Seascapes, for a title. I was having a brain lapse, and thought I had nothing to exhibit. At the last minute, I remembered our trip to Florida when we were driving semi.

We were in Virginia, when we got an urgent message from our dispatcher to deadhead immediately to St Louis. We had doubts and questioned the orders but our dispatcher told us to go ahead and get to St Louis as fast as we possibly could.

When we backed up to the dock, there was something like 14 trucks backed up beside us from the trucking company we were driving for. Rumor was, that another 12 or 13 trucks had just left the docks loaded with orange juice for Miami.

Sure enough, we were loaded with orange juice from California or some other country. This orange juice had to spend a week in Florida, so it could then be labeled Florida orange juice. When we got to Miami with the juice, we had orders to wait a week, then pick up the "new" orange juice, and haul it back to St Louis.

It was February, and we'd never been to Florida before. So it didn't torture us any to spend the week in Miami! We lived in the truck, parked at a Farmer's Market parking lot. Met some nice people there. Toured the beaches, the waterways, the Gumbo Limbo park, saw the rich people's houses....watched alligators...all the Florida things.

Because of that trip, I had a photo I could enter in the WWAO online exhibit this May! It's nice to have a variety of experiences to draw from.... Hope you enjoy the exhibit.
Donna Ridgway