Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm not so invisible as I thought I was.

Hi Donna,
I just spent the morning hours looking at your sight. Thank you for the inspiration to paint. I am new to watercolor painting. I am trying to learn from a book. I have messed around for a year. I keep thinking I need to take a class but I really don't want to. Time and travel is difficult to manage. So, I web searched horse watercolor and came across your site. OH THANK YOU. I read as I looked at how you took photos and then painted. I have tons of photos of my cows, horses, dogs, chickens and kittens. I kept telling myself to paint what I like. I have to learn to be more "free" with the color and brush strokes. NOT to be so exact on line. I had become frustrated and no longer had the desire to even try. Reading your messages really got me excited today and I am going to go out and paint something...I don't know what yet...but it's out there. Thanks again!!!
(Name withheld for privacy reasons)

I received this wonderful letter in my email this morning. It couldn't have come at a better time for I was feeling totally invisible upon this earth.

Many years ago, when I was a kid, working on the farm with my dad, I asked him why we were put on this earth? He responded to me, "We're here to make this world a better place for other people who are here now and to make it better for people who live after us."

I guess because he's my dad, I believed him and I've used his words to create what you might call a "foundation" to my life. Lately, it seems I haven't done anything to help anyone, and I was getting pretty frustrated at my lack of results.

Right when you're down in the dumps the lowest, God gives you what you need to perk you up again! For John noticed I had placed an incorrect link to So now I know people do read this blog, and there are things on here of worth to someone, and that makes me happy.

Of course to get to the good stuff, you have to put up with everything else I write....I thank you for doing that, now that I know someone is out there!