Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fox Play

I'm working on a painting for the Canine Art Guild show, Dog's Just Want to Have Fun. I'm hoping I can get this finished in time for the deadline which is fast approaching.

Do not ask me why I was in such a funk I couldn't paint a thing for the last few months. My mind is so strange, I think it had something to do with being invited to show in a museum show. For some reason, that event boggled my mind to the point I couldn't think about painting. I thought that was an event that would maybe happen right before I died, and to have it happen now, threw me for a loop. I began to wonder what I had to aim for now?

But I finally got myself on track, it's really simple, all I have to do is aim for the next painting, who cares where they go after they're created!

But I am hoping to finish these little fox in time for the Fun show!

I have a photo blog and on that blog, I have a photo story of these little fox playing. There are more pictures of them there if you wish to see them.