Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fox Play, work in progress 5.

It's coming along. I was a little afraid to post a work in progress, "in progress". Although I do it a lot, you have no guarantees anything good will happen. You might end up throwing the painting in the trash, then you'd have to tell everyone that's what happened to you!

These fox are very bright, and that's a got a reason behind it. I want this to look like a "fun" painting. I know I have more to do to this, but I don't know what it will be yet. So while Robert is in therapy today, I'll sit and think about these fox-es. I could hardly sleep last night for thinking of them. It still bothers me how the top fox doesn't really stand out like he should.

In case anyone wants to know, I'm using Rembrandt, Sennelier and Rownery pastels. I like the soft, silky feeling pastels. This was on a green suede board, but it's lost most of the green.