Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Breezy Buckskins, Work in progress 5, art lesson.

Another update. I know, not much has happened since the last update! But I did make a few changes and additions.

From where I sit in my studio, I can look out my main window to the north and see the traffic rolling by on the highway. Today has been a day for the Forest Service to finally get serious about fighting some of the fires that are ravaging our forests. I've seen truck after truck load of fire fighting equipment going by.

It's to bad they don't put the fires out when the first trees are hit by lightning, instead of waiting until the fire has consumed thousands of acres.

We spend all the time we can in the forests, and I hate seeing them demolished. After these big fires hit, my grandkids children won't have a forest to enjoy, it will probably be another generation after that before trees come to life again.

There's more horse art and Montana scenery on my website, I hope you enjoy it.