Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Breezy Buckskins, Work in progress 4, art lesson.

I have some more blue to tone down, then I think these are finished. I added some Paynes Grey to the clouds this morning and worked on details. Put in the manes and tails. I might tone down a few places on them.

I went looking for mats and found two I like for this painting. One crops the picture until it's small, the other opens it up, I think I like that one best. It's going to frame out to be 9X12 and I'll ask $100 for this. Probably put it in my ebay store and on my website.

Take it the round of the shows until it sells....

That's thinking ahead, I don't even have it finished yet, better get back to work.

On my website, you can see paintings of Montana scenery and animals. Hope you enjoy them and if you do, pass the site along to your friends. :)