Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ranch horses, "The Good Old Boys". ACEO oil Painting.

I started this card with a definite look I wanted it to have. 30 hours later, it looks like I wanted it to look! I thought I'd never get it right.

Here's the scenario, you live on a working ranch. There aren't a lot of days when you need to use the horses. But all of a sudden, today, of all days, when you're really busy, the cows get out in the neighbor's hay field.

You know you need the horses so you grab some oats in a bucket and a couple halters and off you go to catch them.

You go out to the west 80 and there they are, all fat and sassy from eating their heads off. Of course they see you coming from a long way off.

Now comes the big question, are they going to co-operate and let you get your hands on them, or are they going to run off and make you run some laps before they give in?

This is what this painting is about and you can see the indecision on their faces, they don't know yet themselves how badly they want those oats you're carrying. Donna