Friday, August 18, 2006

Buckskin grazing, Oil Painting, ACEO DAW

If you like bright, singing, color, you'll like this card. The pasture is lush, filled with summer flowers. The light colors of the buckskin shine against the bright green grass. There are some dark trees in the background.

When I first mixed the color for these trees, I was using my limited palette of French Ultramarine Blue, permanent rose, and yellow ochre. Things were to blah for me. I added cad yellow medium and thalo green. This is what gave me the warmer yellow tone to the grass and the neater blues in the trees behind the horse. For some reason, it made this painting come alive.

I was reading something about Cezanne's use of a limited palette. It was an article in the Artist's Magazine. The article stated it was good to use a limited palette, but after a while of using one, everything will seem really bland to you. That is what's happening to me. In this article, it stated when this happens to you, add some off the wall color to the mix and add it sparingly.

I'd kind of forgotten about that article, until I accidentally reached into the palette and got thalo green instead of the greens I'd mixed. That tiny little change made all the difference in this painting.