Monday, June 26, 2006

"Snow Swoops and Wind Clouds"
I've never seen a mountain with more graceful lines in it's form than this one. I've loved it all my life. In fact, in every one of these mountain paintings so far, one part or another of this mountain has been in each painting. You can get wild with your paint brush when you make these swoops of snow and rock.

It's almost midnight. I just finished this. I'll probably put it on my website (click here to purchase it) and in my ebay store tomorrow. I'm just finishing up the last bites of apple pie I made today. We had company and they didn't eat it all, so of course, we have to finish it off. What a trial.

My daughter called tonight and I got to visit with one of my little grandsons. He sounds so grown up on the phone, even though he's only three years old.

Now my bed is calling to me....