Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"the offering 2"
To be honest with you, I've never seen the attraction of abstract art until lately. Someone told me, "It doesn't have to be's what YOU see in there. Once they told me that, I started looking at a blank canvas in a whole new light. It's so funny what will influence a person and what won't. That statement influenced me a whole lot!

Doing these little abstract paintings has my mind buzzing with new ideas until I feel I'm in the middle of a cyclone! They're all bursting to come out at once. Thank goodness for ACEO's. I can turn them out as fast as I want because they're small.

When I look at the first "offering" painting I did, I had the feeling of a garden. This one almost gives me an underwater feel. Now I scream my head off when I see a snake, even though I know they're harmless. Even rattlesnakes move out of your way if they get a chance. Even though I embrace the idea of a snake, and I don't want to hurt one, I don't like them. Seeing one, will force a gut wrenching scream out of me in a second.

But here I am painting these snake like forms. I don't understand it. These forms, seem more to me, like innocent, curious little creatures, reaching out for something they want, but they're afraid to actually touch it. They might not be totally snake like, they could amorph into blob like shapes if they wanted to. They could be underwater, in a garden, in outer space.... You see how my mind is going on these creatures and where they might appear next, or what form they might take? Perhaps I'm losing it after all?

Don't worry, I won't stop painting horses. Along with my realistic horses, you might see horses beginning to show up in these wild paintings. Who knows?