Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Montana Moon"
On my way to bed the other night, I stopped to pull the curtain shut and saw a huge moon over Square Butte. That image inspired this painting.

This card was destined to be trouble. I started a painting on the other side of it, couldn't make it turn out. I spent several hours on it actually. Finally had so much paint on that side, I flipped the card over, thinking I could make another mountain painting. Nothing would happen. When I showed the card to Robert, he looked puzzled and said, "What is that?"

If you can't tell it's the moon coming up over the mountain, it must be pretty bad! So I took an old sock, dipped it in water and scrubbed and scrubbed until I had a white card again. Finally this painting came out. I think it's how this card always wanted to look. I just had to get it right!
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