Monday, February 12, 2007

Work in Progress, 4, Loneliest lonesome. Dog art.

I got up early and headed to the studio. The fire was out and was it ever cold over there. I'd left an electric heater running so my paints wouldn't freeze so I know it had to be at least 32 degrees in there but it didn't feel like it. Got the fire started and it's slowly warming up, it's supposed to get down below zeero in the next few days, I was hoping it was going to warm up as I'm getting tired of winter! No such luck.

Today, with stiff fingers, I changed the shadow on the building to go above the line of white siding. Put the shadow in for the cable the dog is tied to. Lightened the siding above the dogs head as the sun would be hitting it there. It also helped make the dog's face show up a little better. There's a little more work to do on this, but it's almost finished.