Sunday, February 11, 2007

WIP, installment 3. Dog oil painting.

I've made several adjustments on this dog as I've gone along, and I'll make more yet. You can see some of the details now. The T-1 11 siding for skirting on the trailer house, the shadow of the dog, the colors of the house. The day we took the photos of this dog the weather was cold, I couldn't stand to paint him this way so I changed the day to summertime instead of winter. My dog might be lonely but I don't want him cold too.

The line of the skirting on the trailer is to close to the top of the dog's head in the shadow so I think I'll move the shadow down a bit. Shadows can be weird and people accept it because you see so many strange shapes in them. I think I can get away with changing that for the sake of this painting.

I also think, I'll smooth out the top of the painting, where it's the side of the house. It's to distracting to have so much texture there. I was using to small a brush when I did that and it made a lot of marks. So many things to think about !