Sunday, February 11, 2007

Loneliest Lonesome, WIP 2, Dog painting.

I'm now using a lot of turpentine on my brush and drawing in the details of the dog into the thin layer of paint that was on the canvas. This painting is 16X20 so it's fairly large. You can see it isn't quite square to the picture plane as it tips back on my easel where I took these pictures.

My new studio has nice large windows so I can take photos of large paintings inside. I used to have to take them out. It's blizzarding, really cold, and snowing today so I wouldn't be able to take photos of paintings outside.... It's nice to have the studio!

Each stage of the painting becomes more like a real dog. At least I hope it does! :) I don't like drawing with a pencil as good as I like drawing with a paint brush so I draw the image right on the painting.