Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cocker spaniel, dog portrait. Oil painting.

This dog reminds me of a dog I had once called Ceasar. Ceasar came to me when my mom and dad bought a new house. The people who sold them the house, had this dog they wanted to give away. Knowing I'm always a sucker for an animal, my folks took the dog and gave him to me.

Ceasar was a spoiled rotten little mutt who hated kids. My son was about 5 years old then and the dog hated him, hated me, hated living on a dairy.... Luckily, my mom had a friend who was longing for little soft doggie to spoil rotten. She inherited Ceasar! Was he ever happy! He was once again living the life he loved. Pampered, fed treats, a special place to live on the couch! What a happy ending.

Ceasar looked exactly like this dog, who I found in the Wet Canvas reference library.

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