Saturday, February 24, 2007

Scarlet (yellow cat) and Sing Song (black cat)

I have been teasing my cat. She knows I don't like for her to sit upon my desk, next to my computer. She sheds so much hair, the keys are clogged. :) Some people would hate that, I just brush it out every once in awhile.

She's sitting on the very edge of the desk, her rear is on the desk, her front paws are hanging over the edge. I'm tickling her paws and her neck with the tape from a clear baggie. (one of those clear bags you place your artwork in) As she tries to grab the tape, she almost looses her seat on the desk and goes overboard. She makes me laugh. I think she's laughing to as she looks at me with this little squint eyed glare that dares me to tease her off the edge. It's a good game.

This is why I paint animals. They've been comfort and solace, furnished me with humor and wit, taught me responsibility, and made my heart bleed when I lost them.

I've had people tell me animals have no emotions. As I was laying in bed this morning, awake but not yet moving, the two cats came up on the bed. Sing Song was first. She walked up my body like she owns it, starting at my feet. She wants me to know she's coming and I'd better be ready to pet her when she arrives next to my face. She doesn't like any firm touches. If you pet Sing Song and expect her to stay with you, you pet carefully, like she's made of the finest spider webs and she'll come apart at any hard touch. So I was petting her the way she likes, and she was rewarding me by licking my hand every other stroke.

Then along comes Scarlet. These cats are so jealous of one another. Say they don't have emotions and I won't believe you. Scarlet tries her best to horn in on the petting session by bluffing Sing Song to leave with an evil eyed stare. I put one hand on Scarlet and push down on her shoulders. She lays down like a good kitty and stops giving Sing Song the evil eye. She knows if Sing Song was there first, she has to leave her alone, even though she doesn't like it.

Once we've established this fact, both cats sit and purr together in a love song that beats all others. Luckily, I have two hands one for each cat. It's been a good morning.