Friday, August 28, 2015

Working on a painting of a goat with horns.

This is going to be called, I think, A Goat in Sunshine. I've got the front half of him blocked in, now to get the rest of him finished.  I think he'll look better all brown, I might not make his belly and rear end white as it is in the photo.
Once again, I'm not using my own photo, photo credit here goes to Angela Frank.
I don't trace my subjects, I like to begin painting and drawing with paint right on the surface of the paper.  I lay down some washes of paint, let them dry, then scrape out the form of the subject with a fairly dry brush.  After that, I begin to draw in detail after detail, working into finer and finer details as I go along.  Pretty soon, I begin to feel amazed that my painting looks like the subject at hand.
I'll post updates as this goes along.