Friday, August 28, 2015

She wants to be a star! Equine art acrylic painting.

"She wants to be a star"
9X12 inch
Acrylic on heavy paper

After working so hard to create my painting "Thinking of Cecil" yesterday, I wanted something fun and relaxing to work on today.  So I began to paint, and in my mind I'm asking this horse what do you want to be?  How do you want me to paint you?
She did not reply so I began painting blind, adding some colors, Creating some textures with my homemade stamp, adding some more layers of color....and all the time asking what this horse wanted to be!  
Finally I heard this little whisper, "I want to be green.  Bright green, I'm Irish you know."
Well that was a start!  "A bright green horse you will become," I told my painting.
Then I began to ask more questions, like ok bright green horse, "What are your hopes and dreams?"
Finally I heard a shout! "I want to be a star!"
What a funny horse this is...she takes forever to answer my questions, and when she finally answers I'm so surprised.  I thought maybe she'd want to become an Indian war pony, or a race horse...
No way, she wants to be a green Irish star!  So I made her a star, she's the star in this painting.
You see it never hurts to tell someone your hopes and dreams.  Speaking up and telling someone your dreams helps them come true!
Doesn't matter if you're a green Irish star of a funny painting, or a wild Indian pony running over the plains, it's your dream.
I hope all your dreams come true!