Sunday, August 23, 2015

LIttle yard bunny, watches me in the garden each day.

Cottontails are interesting little creatures, those who live with us, will sit maybe six feet away from us and watch us carefully as we work around the yard.  They seem to love it when we talk to them.  They're very good listeners!

In the wild, average age for a cottontail is about three years, I'd like to think maybe ours live a bit longer than that. We do help them in winter when the snow is deep and they can't get to the grass.  We have rabbit feeders we put out under our camper.

Hawks and coyotes hunt here, so we do see bits of fur in the yard at times.  It's sad to see but it's also nature's way.  Hawks need to eat too.

Our garden boxes are about 3 feet high, so the rabbits don't get into my produce. :)  Otherwise, I'd be limited on what I harvest!

Hope you enjoyed seeing this little guy.