Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogger tag game. I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Purple Crystal Equine Jewelry in a blogger game. I was glad because I hadn't been to her blog before or seen her beautiful jewelry. If you would like to enjoy the shape of the horse in simple, graceful lines, which you can wear, you'll love her work. Very delicate and elegant.

Part of being tagged, you must tag a few bloggers yourself, 5-7....

And name a few unusual things about yourself: So here goes!

1. I once had a cow take my horse and I down in the middle of a gravel road, she was on the fight. I didn't know my horse didn't know how to brace herself like my old horse could do!

2. I once decided to go to work selling advertising for a news paper. So I did for four years. It was different from raising cows and kids...

3. I used to paint cross cut saws, (the old time logger saws) and haul them to shows in my Dodge Shadow! Weird thing was, I never tore the seats once.

4. The first time I met Robert was in the M-7 Cafe, I was washing dishes there, he came in to eat. When he left that evening to go back to his logging truck, I told my boss, who was my friend, I'm going to have that man! And I did.

5. My children think I am crazy. I don't know why. Where did I go wrong raising them, they need to lighten up. LOL

6. Addicted to Facebook and Twitter

7. Love being in the mountains, you never would have guessed!

I'm not sure who I'll tag, I haven't given my last blogger award away yet! I'm kind of slow....
Donna Ridgway