Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Screen saver images.

I took the carousel horses off my screen saver, and gave myself a new treat! Some wildlife photos... These are four of the images I see going by each day when my computer sits idle. There are 28 images now, I might add some more as time goes on, for I have other species of wildlife I haven't added.

You ought to see the fox photo, it's of two young fox, coming out of the fox hole, and do they ever look cute. Maybe I'll post them on my artist reference photos blog. You can see them over there, along with a few more examples of this screen saver. That poor blog needs some more followers, if you enjoy Montana photos of scenery and wildlife, you might like to mark that blog so you don't lose sight of it. :)

Of course it's for sale on a cd. $15 includes shipping. Just email me if you'd like one.
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