Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Blog Award! My first....

And here it is! Awarded to me by Sheona Hamilton-Grant. This is an award, given by fellow bloggers. In return, you pass it on to seven, fellow bloggers who you enjoy, and name seven things you love.

Here are seven bloggers I want to pass the award along to:
Cathy Lewis

Brenda Thour

Catherin McMillan

Tree Pruit

Judy Elizabeth Reid

Angelika Joy

Sharon K Shubert

Here are seven things I love:

My kids and grand kids
My husband
Horses playing in a field in early morning light
My camera
My computer and the internet
The wonderful things we find in our photo shoots

Please take time to see the blogs I've recommended for the award, you'll enjoy them all!
Donna Ridgway