Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My ad was on Jay Leno's show.

Years ago, I worked as an advertising rep for a newspaper. My customers loved to hassle me over this fact, "No one pays attention to that paper you work for!" I was continuously coming up with smart alec answers to their accusations. In fact, I think they told me that, just to see what reply I would come up with next. :) It was a game, a mind challenging game...

There was one time when I won the game hands down, and for as long as I worked at the paper, I could use this ad for selling more ads!

One customer in particular refused to run an ad in the paper, on the grounds, that no one paid attention to the paper, they all listened to the radio... So I talked them into running a real silly ad in next Wednesday's newspaper. Just to see if anyone would comment on the ad.

I came back to the office, and told the secretary how much it had taken to get this little ad and we sent it to production so it could get typeset and headed for the press.

The paper came out on Wednesday, when I came to work on Thursday, the secretary told me, "Donna! Your ad appeared on Jay Leno last night!"

I couldn't believe it. :) But I later saw the video someone had taped for me, and sure enough, there it was-on the Jay Leno show.

Gave me the perfect response for the comeback, no one pays attention to your newspaper! Naturally, I was ecstatic over this little victory, with the crazy little ad that made it to the Jay Leno show, from Polson, Mt one day, to national television the next...
Donna Ridgway
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