Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Me and the loader again.

I like this picture, Robert took it. I grew up running farm equipment so it was kind of fun to try out the construction stuff. Actually, this loader was way easier to operate than a tractor.

Robert's friend came along, when we were loading and sorting wood piles. Daryl kept giving me instructions with his hands, come forward, go back, do this, do that. Finally, he gave up and told Robert, I guess I don't need to give her directions, she runs that thing like a man would. Robert and I were laughing about it afterward, because Robert had expected me to come boiling out of the cab, telling Daryl to keep his hands in his pockets.

Anyway, maybe it's interesting to learn an artist can wear many hats. Most of us are jacks of all trades and have many interests. I'll subject you to some more of my "hats" as I go through my old photos, moving and sorting them to fresh dvd's for storage.
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