Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Four Wheeling over snow banks.

How do you cross a snowbank like this? It wasn't a problem coming over the other side, it had a gradual slope and luckily I didn't fall through! And coming down the steep side is easier than getting up it again on this side.

We were at the ranch, helping to catch up on some work, when I decided to make a swing around the ranch buildings to see what predators might be close to the buildings.

I made it over this snow bank, because it was so high, the twig tops of the aspen trees stuck through, giving me traction and keeping me from falling through the drift. When I got to this side, I tried three times to make it up the hill and failed each time.

Since I can't admit to failure, and everyone else was working so hard, I didn't want to have to call for the tractor, I had to put my thinking cap on! I finally gathered a million small tree branches and made myself a corrugated trail over the bank. It worked like a charm. :)

Luckily, the only predator tracks I saw were those of a small cat, either a bobcat or a young mountain lion, I don't know tracks well enough to tell the difference. Main thing was, it wasn't a large enough cat to scare my cousin's range cattle. They'll be able to fight it off if it comes in after the calves.

I also went to Fish Lake to see what predators might be lurking behind the hills. I saw a large coyote and took photos of him. As I came down the hill, and got to the gate at the lake, I drove my four wheeler through, and parked it, in gear, with it's front wheels facing uphill. I always do it that way! The wind was blowing so hard, it turned the wheels down hill and the four wheeler took off! For some crazy reason, as I reached for the gate post, I looked up to check on the four wheeler, to see it racing down the hill. I've never run so fast in my life, and at the last minute, I threw myself across the seat to grab the right steering bar and jerk the wheels around.

You can bet I won't leave my four wheeler in gear, without the brake set again. Especially when the wind is blowing 90 per. :) I knew better in the first place, I only do it because it's so handy.
Donna Ridgway
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