Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carousel horse experiment. Photo screen saver.

Last night, I was sitting here on the couch, I had Robert's computer on my lap, and my computer on my lap. I was sorting photos on one, and uploading photos on the other. At one point, I looked at my screen saver, the screen was tipped back, and the images were showing in a completely different way than they usually display. It's a weird digital thing with monitors....

As usual, my curiousity was aroused and I wondered if my camera would see the same thing I was seeing with my eyes. Ran to get the camera, changed the lens and started taking photos as the screen shots from the screen saver rolled by. This is one of the photos, there will be more to follow.

These shots were taken with me sitting on the couch, holding the camera over the computer, the cats were curious about what I was doing and kept jumping up here to see, Robert was wiggling the couch...:) And I still got shots that I'm positively excited about! I love these images!

More to come. I'm going to get serious about this kind of photography, set up the tripod and get to work. I think different times of day will affect the images, different lighting in the house will affect the images, and different camera settings will affect them. I can't wait to try it all out!

I'm sure some subjects will lend themselves to this better than others, and definitely some colors appear much better than others. This will be the greatest fun!

Next on my list, to create a screensaver for sale with images like this.

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Donna Ridgway
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