Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little art project. First installment, Cleopatra's Couch

I'm involved in a project, with other artists, creating sketches! It frees my mind to do fast, loose, sketches, of subjects I know. I'm enjoying this very much.

As always, I could have started this project earlier. I've had the book to fill for a week or so now. Main thing is, I am starting way before deadline, and that's promising. No late nights hoping to fill the book before I send it off. I think I'll have it finished on time!

I'm focusing on animals I know, the ones who live close to me. This is the rock chuck who lives down the road. She's found a wonderful "hammock" rock to lay on and sun herself. The first time we saw her doing this, we broke into smiles!

She reminded me of Cleopatra, reclining on her couch in all her splendor. I'm going to drape her tail over the edge of the rock a little more, giving her a more interesting shape. Outside of that, she's mostly finished. That is the idea of sketches, you don't have to labor over them! Catch your idea, and move on to the next one.

Perhaps this sketch will become a painting later on....
Donna Ridgway