Monday, October 06, 2008

Painting of a lab, beginning sketch.

Here's my first 10 minutes on this drawing of a lab. I haven't touched a brush to water since spring, so who knows how many changes I'll have to make before this actually looks like a dog.

I did think I should end my "vacation" and get back to work. I can't believe I've gone this long without painting something. It isn't natural!

I've gone without painting when I was doctoring sick animals, or had sick babies, or when I was packing irrigation pipes, and haying, but I've never not painted because I had no interest in it before. It's always been my life. So this is an experiment to see if I still "like" painting or not. Maybe it's way more fun to take photos and have an instant image, than it is to struggle along painting.

What do you think-why bother to paint or draw, when you can capture the image in a photograph? Is it worth it to paint an image, when it's all ready been captured by a camera?

There's something inside me that likes the process of smushing paint on a surface and trying to make it look like something real. But I wonder what is the purpose of it? Ideally, I'd love to paint something another person would love to own. I'd like them to want it so badly, they'd purchase it. Then I could buy more supplies and paint another picture!

I have some weird thoughts going through my mind tonight. I guess I'll stop painting now and go watch "Walk the Line".