Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bright eyed and beautiful, horse photos.

I love this bright eyed horse! Not only was he bright eyed, he had vertical stripes down his front legs, something I've not seen on another horse. Another day, I'll post his legs.

This horse, was just plain gorgeous, such a soft look in her eye.

I've switched from my poor dilapidated mac G4 laptop to a new windows machine running Vista. I had the greatest fear of windows! I never would have believed I could switch and be so happy about it. But this new computer is great.

The files pop open quickly, no matter how large they are. I haven't had chance to do a lot of things on here yet, as I've been so busy setting it up, downloading programs etc... But what I have accomplished, I've been very pleased with.

I had an old Wacom tablet hooked to my very first mac, I couldn't get it to run on my G4 computers for some weird reason. I decided to give it a try today and imagine my surprise when I went to the Wacom site, and downloaded the very driver I needed! After about 10 years, it's still good on a brand new computer. It's working perfectly. So expect some computer drawings soon!

Thanks for stopping by...

Donna Ridgway