Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm gonna bite you!

More horses being funny! I uploaded some great photos of horses tonight to my smug mug site. They're in the album May 28 08 under the horses gallery. Hope you have fun seeing these two bugging each other.

The sorrel in this picture, with the blaze face and four white socks, looks so much like the very first horse I ever owned. My horse was named Lucky, because his mom died from a rattlesnake bite when he was a baby. He lived, drinking from bottle...until he could live on his own. He was Lucky to be alive!

He was also the love of my life, as horses go. My grandpa gave him to me when I was 8 and Lucky was also 8. He was with me until we were both 32. The day he passed away, he came down from the pasture and got as close to the house as he could, laid down and died.

He came to me in a dream the other night, so I've been thinking of him a lot the last few days.

Donna Ridgway
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